The full service management contract that we offer includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

Management Services

  • Supervision of Board selected contractors.
  • Routine site inspections.
  • Bid solicitation for maintenance needs, insurance, and utilities.
  • Deed enforcement.
  • Supervision of on site staff.
  • Manager attendance at all Board, Annual, and Special meetings.
  • After hours emergency service.
  • Oversight of construction projects.
  • Oversight of insurance claims.
  • Direct communication with association members.
  • Transition of association from the Developer to the Homeowners.
  • Transition of the association from the management company to AAM.
  • Professional archive retention.
  • Access control management.

Accounting Services

  • Cash management of unlimited bank accounts.
  • Assessment billing and collections.
  • Oversight of attorney collection accounts.
  • Payment methods include e-check, credit card, and ACH payments at no charge to the HOA.
  • Weekly check runs for the association’s accounts payable.
  • Monthly financial packets to the Board of Directors.
  • Year end reviews of the association’s financial status.
  • Tax and audit assistance.
  • 1099 and W-2 filing.
  • Payroll services for on site staff.